An All-Nisei Combat Group – Mythbusters Claim #3

On page 227 of Weedflower, Kadahota  writes:

“Most amazingly, the government was now calling on young men to sign up for a special draft for an all-Nisei combat team of about five thousand men.”

Myth 3 is the claim that there was combat unit made up of 5,000 Japanese Americans .

Circle one: this claim is TRUE – FALSE because this source:

says: “On February 1, 1943, President Roosevelt announced the formation of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, an all-Japanese American unit, albeit with white officers...The initial goal was for 3,000 volunteers from the continental U.S. and 1,500 from Hawai’i. It soon became apparent that those quotas were reversed: embittered by their confinement in American concentration camps, barely 1,000 volunteered from behind barbed wire. But in Hawai’i, where there was no mass incarceration, more than 10,000 Nisei stepped forward. Of these, 2,686 were accepted.”

This claim is false 1. because the combat team was made of only 2,686 soldiers and 2. because the team had white officers.


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