Racism – Blog Post #3

Part 1

When Sumiko went to the birthday party, she was shunned and rejected. The mother of the girl forced Sumiko to leave the party immediately. Racism definitely does still exist in our world. In our world, racism looks like a higher percentage of the black population being killed by police than whites, it’s people with visas and green cards being deported because there was a lapse in paperwork. Racism in modern America is Donald Trump spouting racist claims and then still being elected as our President. As a white person, I personally benefit from racism. No, I try not to be racist myself. I do know that I have things to work on, as I come from a background of close-minded people. However, I still benefit from racism because for every black person who is denied a job because of the colour of their skin, that is another opportunity for me. For every Latinx who is denied a scholarship because of their ethnicity, that is another opportunity for me. For every Asian who is denied entrance to a college, that is another opportunity for me. For every refugee who is denied entry in the United States, that is more money and resources for me. Despite the fact that I am not a bigoted person, I STILL benefit from racism because I am white.


Part 2


Simply put, Sumiko was scared. She was terrified. She was “in a limbo” – she didn’t feel right. She knew something was wrong, she knew something bad was happening, but there was nothing she could do to change it. Not only that, but she was worried. She feared for the safety of her family, her neighbors, herself. People like her were being targeted. They were being taken. Their homes became stores and their lives merely a window display. She was no longer human – she was livestock, treated as less than.

Simply put, Sumiko was scared.


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